Page Updates

Updates Monday, 6/22/ 98
Joined 2 more Skatboarding Rings. Added about 15 more sk8 links to the Links Page. Updated the Main Page.

Updates Wednesday 6/17/ 98
I've done ALOT of updating!!!! Added a Snowboarding Gallery, a Skateboard Parks Directory, it's huge!!! I've updated the Links Pageagain :)

Updates Tuesday 6/16/ 98
Well I've added more links to the Links Page so check it out!!! Ranch Online has now hit 100 visitors, more traffic!!! Please link us to your site, greatly appreciated. I'm totally redoing the Skateboarding Page. Added a Photo Gallery with pics of the pro's. Also added a Web Ring Page!!! Check it out. PLEASE SIGN THE WALL!!!!!

Updates Wednesday, 6/10/ 98
Got the Ramps Page updated, fixed the links to the plans. I also join LinkExchange. The Links page is up!!!

Updates Saterday, 6/6/ 98
Got the Ramps Page up and running. It currently has 6 plans, more to come. I re-did the main page. I've submitted Ranch Online to some major search engines, such as Yahoo! and Webcrawler. I found a new counter.

Updates Friday , 6/5/ 98
Well I've joined 2 cool webrings to bring in some more traffic. I am also linking up with anyone who wishes to, just mail me. I 'm working full time this summer so I won't have time for daily updates, only weekly but I'll see what I can do!
    I'm currently playin' with the Skateboarding page. I've got the main page working put it's still Under Construction~! ;( The profiles will be added slowly, interviews still have to be done, skating pic's taken and all that fun stuff!!

    A Guest Book has also been added, so sign it now, leave your tag. The linkspage is just 2nd on my agenda list, so hang on! Chat room is pointless right now, not enough traffic...