Skateboarding Is NOT a CRIME!

The man who broke the world record, Danny Way. Click on him for it live in an animated sequence!!!

Everyone on this page is an experienced skater/snowboarder. Well not all of us... We have all been boarding for more than 2 years, some as many as 6 and have a combined total of more than about 8 skaters. Some are fairly new, but are getting better from the more experienced ones. 

Company Listings?  Goto the  Links page for great  skating, snowboarding related pages including the companies.

Ramp Plans?
Come check out some of the most usefull plans around, easy to follow to!

Check out some pics sent in to us from people across the globe.  Click  HERE  to check em out.  Want your pic on the page?  Mail me with a description of the scene, who took the pic, where your from, the skaters name(s) and well....the picture (duh).  It will be posted for 1 week and then taken off so others can have theirs up ;)

Now check out some of the local skaters, click on the picture of them for a full profile and interview.
Steve Leggett Frank Safrak
Steve doing a set of 5 at a local church. Mute grab - picture: Mike Korak             Click here for a profile on Steve
Steve is one of the top local skaters. From mini ramp to hand rails, I'm your man.....(click on the pic for profile of Steve) 
The foaming incident, Steve's house on Saterday night, May 23. What the hell!?
Frank has been skating for over 3 years, he's a party animal. Frank was recently nailed by myself. The foaming incident... sweet.... -picture: Steve Leggett(click on image for a profile on Frank)
Simon Korak Mike Korak
Simon doing a nice hockey net - picture: Mike Korak             Click here for a profile on Simon 
Simon is improving rapidly. He has a smooth style and eagerness to sk8. He's got the hair to.....(click on the pic for profile of Simon) 
Mike couldn't wait...nice legs!!!
Mike has been skating for about 3 years and just broke his ankle doing a nose slide.(click on image for a profile on Mike)
Dominique Peutre Phill Cadiuex
Dom had been boarding for about 3 years.  He's the 360 flip man - picture: Mike Korak             Click here for a profile on Dom 
Dom is getting better all the time, he's wired 360 flips but sometimes just falls on his ass.....(click on the pic for profile of Dom) 
Phill isn't on sometin! Look at his innocent eyes!
Phill can't see anything but angles flying bye(click on image for a profile on Phill)

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