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Welcome to Ranch Online, the local sk8, snowboard and everything else page. We are from Alexandria, Ontario (Canada people). This is a little page I put together. For now this page is under construction. If you have any links or skateparks you want posted, just ask me! Click mail me, and send away. They will be posted as soon as next update, but please don't send things that are already here!

Snowboarding will be added in the winter, but I have added the Snowboarding Gallery for now to keep you happy :) My future plans are to have the largest skateboard park directory for the US and Canada. I also hope to have the largest galleries around!!! Later on I'll add a tricks page, but for now I just don't have time, exams and all!!!

Want the latest weather reports for Canada and the U.S.? Click Here for Canada Weather or Here for U.S. Weather. Think that's not good enough? The check out Yahoo's! Ski Report!

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I Hope you enjoy...feel free to send any comments, sponsers :), stories, questions or suggestions to me ramprage@usa.net

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