Ramp Plans

Welcome to the place where skating begins! Ramps, Ramps, and more Ramps!!! I've got a whole bunch so check em out and build all ya want, take all ya want. If you have any you created/found that aren't already here and wanna post em here just mail me, I'd be more than glad to see your work.

Ramp Type Description
Launch Ramp This is a nice little launch, I have one myself. It's easy to build and fun as hell to ride off of. For more experienced skaters.
Half Pipe Half pipes have been around since the creation of skateboarding. Just ride one and you'll never stop. They are relatively expensive and time consuming but if you build a smaller version, mini ramp, they rule. They're also cheaper!
Pyramid A
Pyramid B
Pyramid C
If you have alot of room and wanna build something that' gonna last, this is it! Pyramid's are very fun. They are just a lunch, box, and corner all attached to form the ultimate skating structure.
Quarter Pipe Just like a half pipe, but missing the other side. Very good in corners of buildings and smaller area's.
Rail Rail's kick ass. I think they are one of my favourites. Nose slides/tail slides/board slides and any other kinda slide...ass slide ya like ;) Not $$$ fairly easy to make.
Funbox A
Funbox B
Funbox C
Funbox D
Funbox E
Funbox F
The Ultimate skating box is finally here! Equiped with a rail, lanch, and more. It just doesn't get better than this. Duh look at the name ;=] Very hard to make and takes up ALOT of space!!! Go check one out at a skate park.

Well that's all the plans for the moment. That should cover all your skating need though ;) If that didn't then check out this place to go get some more!!!

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