Who's on the team?
Everyone on this page is an experienced skater/snowboarder. Well not all of us... We have all been boarding for more than 2 years and have a combined total of more than 12 skaters. Some are fairly new, but are getting better from the more experienced ones.
Steve Leggett Frank Sasifrak
Steve doing a set of 5 at a local church. Mute grab - picture: Mike Korak             Click here for a profile on Steve

Steve is one of the top local skaters. From mini ramp to hand rails, I'm your man.....(click on the pic for profile of Steve)

The foaming incident, Steve's house on Saterday night, May 23. What the hell!?

Frank has been skating for over 3 years, he's a party animal. Frank was recently nailed by myself. The foaming incident... sweet.... -picture: Steve Leggett(click on image for a profile on Frank)

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